Video & film production, and social media management for business, broadcast, and entertainment.


East2West provides a variety of services from pre-production, production, post-production, and delivery.


Most people would rather watch a 2 min video than read for 2 mins. Web sites with video rank higher on google searches. What are you waiting for?

East2West also produces on site video and video content for live events, sports, meetings, conferences, seminars, & training.


Feature length & short length non fiction documentary film production. We produce these films with an eye on film festival & Academy Award submissions.

Social Media

Management of social media presence. Writing & scheduling posts, posting photos & videos, monthly planning & distribution schedules, monitoring comments, posting replies, and follow-up, identifying proactive & reactive posts and responses to news that would affect the company and its clients.


Creative Consultation
Television Program Development
Location Scouting


On-location & Studio Production-HD & 4K
On-location & Studio Green Screen-HD & 4K
Sports & Live Event Directing


Video Editing
2D/3D Motion Graphics & Effects Compositing
Video Compression for CD, DVD, & Web
Voice Over Record
DVD Authoring, Menu/Interface Design

Still Photography

Corporate, production,
events and environmental.
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East2West is a video & film production company, and social media management company/consultancy.

E2W provides complete script to screen video & film production services for businesses/corporations, broadcast, entertainment, sports, documentaries/non fiction, non profits, Christian causes, & social entrepreneurs.

E2W also provides complete management of your company or organization’s social media presence.

E2W Founder Rob Mottola has been producing and directing video and TV projects for over 25 years. While the process can be daunting, we strive to make it simple, creative, enjoyable, and fulfilling - from the initial creative consultations and discovery, through production and post-production, to delivery and distribution.

E2W has produced projects for broadcast including television shows, specials, series, sports, documentaries, promotions and commercials.

In the corporate arena, we have a vast amount of experience producing marketing/sales content, product launches, how to/demos, training, investor relations, video news releases, video for the web, live events, meetings, conferences, and trade shows.

In working with agencies, E2W is a perfect partner to produce video content and tv spots for local, regional, and national campaigns.

For non-profits and Christian causes, E2W will provide services at a discounted rate. The amount of the discount will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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Here are just a few samples of our work. This is not an exhaustive list, so if you want to know more, just ask! We would also be glad to put you in touch with many of our happy clients for a referral.

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You Landed Your First Video Gig! Now What?

More and more I am seeing video & film companies pop up all around the U.S. - and I am seeing more and more job postings for skilled video & film professionals...

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Why I Deleted Your LinkedIn Request

About 3-5 times a week, I receive a LinkedIn connection request from someone I have never met. Sometimes, we have many connections in common...So I can understand why they might think we should connect...We know so many of the same people, so we should connect too, right? - Yea, no...

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By now, you’ve probably heard about 4K video. Its the next big thing. Literally. I liken it to the launch of High Definition, or HD video, when folks were scratching their heads wondering what that was all about. For consumers, it’s a very similar situation. At some point in the next couple years, you will look into buying a 4K TV. If you’re a cutting-edge home entertainment person, you may have already made the purchase.

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How Much is a Video?

As a video production company owner, I get this question in passing all the time...So what’s a video cost?

Seriously? My initial, wise guy answer is, “About seven to 10 times what you have budgeted...”

Pricing a video is similar to budgeting for a car...there are base models, mid-range vehicles, and luxury automobiles...with video, there are different levels of production value & “extras” that you can add into your project that will determine your final investment.

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In order to competently produce a video or provide successful social media marketing, we need to get know you, your company or cause, your audience, and your goals. This initial discovery phase is crucial to the success of your project.

If you already have a project in mind and need a creative approach and budget proposal, please share some of the details with us in the Message area.

Please fill out this form and we will get back to you quickly to set up a discovery session.



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