Why I Deleted Your LinkedIn Request

Why I Deleted Your LinkedIn Request

About 3-5 times a week, I receive a LinkedIn connection request from someone I have never met. Sometimes, we have many connections in common...So I can understand why they might think we should connect...We know so many of the same people, so we should connect too, right? - Yea, no...

Other times, it is simply a sales ploy - we don’t have any friends in common, we’ve never met, and I know nothing about you, but you still want to manage my investments and wealth - so you obviously don’t know me, because if you did, you would know I really don’t have much to manage :)

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, LinkedIn is a business connection network...At least that’s what it was when it was launched, and I believe it is still more business-focused...In fact, the many emails I receive stating that a connection has recommended me for a certain industry skill, confirms the fact that it is a business network.

So how can I honestly refer or recommend someone if we have never shook hands, or spent some time together, or engaged in a business transaction, or even said “Hi” to each other...If I referred you to someone and you do a horrible job, how do I defend myself if I don’t even know you, or your character?

When I ask a colleague or friend for a business recommendation, I am expecting that they know, and have done business with, the person they suggest...If I am going to invest money into anything, I don’t want my friend to a refer a person who they met only online, and have never done a deal with...there is no track record, or element of proof, or history...Would you hire a babysitter if a friend said, “Yea I’ve never met them, or hired them to babysit my kids, but their online profile says they are an expert...”

I am open to a person suggesting a phone call to say why they think we should be connections, especially if we have many connections in common...So send a short message, tell me who you are, and why you think we should connect, and then give me your cell number...If it seems like a good idea, you’ll hear from me...

One final thought on LinkedIn referrals, they have made it too easy now, to simply click a button and refer someone...Sometimes I see that a connection has referred me for a skill, and I think, how do they know I can do that well?

Talk to you soon, God willing!